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The Rear Commodore got the Chance on February 18 to head to Sandusky bay for some sailing, He sailed his Bat, which is a Detroit Skimmer. Click to see a video of the sailing Sidebar: There has been an bunch of old Chills and Spills added to that page, I am working on compiling old issues …

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Posted on: March 1, 2016 | Author: thinkice
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iceboat north americans

The 2016 DN North American Championship was originally planned for the Central Region (our region), we were thrilled to have a large event so close by. But with this year’s fluctuating weather, the event was re-located to Madison, Wisconsin. A group our dedicated DN iceboat racers made the trip through unpredictable conditions to represent the …

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2016 dn north american championship

February 22-27 2016 Organizing Authority: International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association. Hosts: North American Central Lakes Region Primary site: Central Lakes Region RULES All races will be governed by the Racing Rules of the National Iceboat Authority, the Bylaws of the IDNIYRA as stated in the sections IDNIYRA Regattas, Racing Rules, the DN Official Specifications, …

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dn iceboat euro champ 2016

Winterfest Thanks to everyone that helped with the event! Without you it would not have happened! You are greatly appreciated! Also thanks to everyone that showed up! It was a great time was by all that attended for our annual event. The unseasonable warm temperatures made the day enjoyable to be outside! Point Place was active throughout …

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greiner sails toledo ohio

This friday 1/15/2016 the meeting will NOT be at Ottawa River but at Greiner’s Shop. BRING your own chairs and BYOB….. PARKING across the road at Edgewater school or along the road.  Address is 5556 Edgewater Dr, Toledo, Ohio   Please follow and like us:

Posted on: January 14, 2016 | Author: thinkice
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