dec 2015 dn iceboat newsletter

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Change is scary. But it can be necessary, and it can be good. I want to start out by giving my most sincere thanks to the members of the NIA for taking our concerns seriously, and making rule changes that will enhance safety on the course. I don’t think people can truly understand the passion and extreme measures you are willing to take to ensure the safety of competitors until your name has been printed as the Chairman, PRO, or Commodore of an event.

If you haven’t already done so, please read National Iceboat Authority member Tim McCormick’s Rule Change Summary. You will find that changes are pretty straight forward and not difficult to apply.

As many of you know, our website encountered some trouble late last season. It is back up, but not 100% up to date. The plan is to have the online registrations for the 2016 North American Championships and the 2016 Western Region Champs available upon the release of this issue of Runner Tracks. Please do not use the Ranking List as shown in the site. It might be 2 years old. Trust me, our scorers do have the most recent list as published in Runner Tracks.

Speaking of Runner Tracks, It is brought up time to time about streamlining our communications. We currently have Runner Tracks, Yearbook, Ice.idniyra website, and DN America Forum. Plus an occasional mailer for voting or dues renewal. It is difficult to maintain all of these things without creating redundancy, or confusing or conflicting information. Here I must give a shout out to Deb Whitehorse, our Executive Secretary for creating the best cohesion possible through all of our outlets.

I truly love the quality of our Runner Tracks publication. It shows the beauty of our sport. It also costs us a lot of money – although we are getting far more than we pay for. I love our forum. It helps with communications, and is still the go-to place for the latest news. It is old, but pretty reliable. It confuses some people because it is a completely different site from the ice.idniyra site.

Our ice.idniyra site has been used for a few years for registrations, membership renewals, and even ship-store purchases. It was engineered to do everything, but sadly very few seem to be willing or able to keep it updated.

And finally, our yearbook. 238+ pages of action-packed, seat gripping stuff in there… well not really. But we do know every sailor must have a copy to refer to.

I believe there has to be an easier way. I am not sure what the answer is, but our fellow sailor (and marketing guru) Scott Brown put forth these bullet points which might be attained by combining the efforts of all into one website:

  • More up-to-date information
  • More complete information,
  • Better value to advertisers
  • A broader invitation to newcomers

We have already eliminated the hard copies, (though you can order them at a small cost). I know there will be concerns, but lets take an honest look at what we are trying to achieve and how to do it. I think we are spreading ourselves thin. The lack of volunteers to write articles, create webcontent, or take over web-master duties illustrates that to me.

Finally, more change.

Canadian Rear Commodore Warren Nethercote has suggested we take a hard look at re-defining the regions of the IDNIYRA.

Warren is from Nova Scotia. He would likely have to drive 3 (10 hour) days to get to Thunder Bay. Minnesota drivers might only drive 6 hours to get there. Clearly Nova Scotia needs to be part of the Eastern Lakes Region.

The thriving Kingston DN fleet is just a bit too removed from Thunder Bay or East Coast sailing, but might benefit from being included in the Mountain Lakes Region.

Up for debate might be how the lines are drawn into Canada. Some may protest no-longer having a Canadian region.

But I think its time to take a look at what we are achieving with the current “borders” we have.

I hope we can get representatives from Thunder Bay, Hamilton, Kingston, Montreal and any concerned Canadian ice boaters to get together with Canadian Rear Commodore Nethercote to decide if a “redistricting” could serve the whole class better. Sure, there can still be a “Canadian Championships”, why not?

Okay. Enough already with the changes. Can we just all go
sailing now?

Kent Baker US5219
IDNIYRA North American Commodore