iceboat north americans

The 2016 DN North American Championship was originally planned for the Central Region (our region), we were thrilled to have a large event so close by. But with this year’s fluctuating weather, the event was re-located to Madison, Wisconsin. A group our dedicated DN iceboat racers made the trip through unpredictable conditions to represent the Toledo Ice Yacht Club:

    • JR Francis – US807 (#807 is Norm Meilink’s former number)
    • Kent Baker – US5219
    • Jody Kjoller – US5435
    • George Reis – US5053
    • Robert Holman – US3705
    • Rich Potcova – US216
    • Ron Sherry – US44
    • Chris Teal – US5285
    • Thanks Bob Foeller,¬†Ann Foeller and Erica Baker also making the trip!

Nice work everyone! Way to represent our club on the national level!

2016 dn ice boat north american championship gold fleet results

2016 dn ice boat north american championship silver fleet results

ice boat 1 ice boat 2 ice boat 3 ice boat 4 ice boat 5