dn iceboat euro champ 2016


Thanks to everyone that helped with the event! Without you it would not have happened! You are greatly appreciated!

Also thanks to everyone that showed up! It was a great time was by all that attended for our annual event. The unseasonable warm temperatures made the day enjoyable to be outside! Point Place was active throughout the day moving iceboats, ramps, and beverages while ending up at Ottawa River Yacht Club that evening. With food, drink , and music, it was the simply a blast! See you all next year for the annual event!

wild goose iceboat

Ice Report

Due to the warm weather, the Maumee Bay is once again water. Many members have once again put their boats back into storage in hopes of getting them right back out again in a week or so. After tonight, the 10-day Maumee Bay forecast low temperatures will continuously be below freezing. So their is a chance to sail once again!

Here are some of weather factors to consider for ice making:

  • Cold Temps – Cold temps make ice, it’s the most important part.
  • Wind – Any wind direction coming from the lake can break up the ice. Wind will also make waves and also add air bubbles to the ice. When the sun comes out, the air bubbles within the ice heat up faster the the ice itself, thus making the ice more unstable.
  • Late In The Year – As we get later in the year, the days are getting longer and the sun is out more. With this, there is less darkness for low temperatures to make ice at night.


TIYC Member Wins European Championship!

ron sherry

Congratulations to Toledo Ice Yacht Club member Ron Sherry (US-44)! Ron lives in Clinton Township, Michigan and has been active in the DN Class for many years. If you make it to a DN iceboat event, you’ll be sure to spot US-44 at the front of the pack. Check out the results here.

Here is a great conclusion from Jörg Bohn, one of our European friends:

Dear Friends

We were lucky this time to have pulled off  both Championships. It is not only the weather allowing us to do that. There is a lot of volunteers and People involved to get it done each other year. We are an Amateur sport. Therefore we need People in the Board and running the races who are willing and capable to do so. This year, most of you may have realized,   there were changes in the  PRC and an independant PRO was in place. For all of them it was the first time to work in this international combination. Without these People we could not continue our Amateur Sport at such a professional level! With Daan Schütte (DN Vice World Champion from 1998)  and Hennie van der Brink together with Kuba Mihalczyk and his team we were very lucky to have the Expertise needed.  Thanks you!!! Further all the voluntary board members worked perfectly hand in hand! Thanks to them as well. A lot  will leave the board this year or within the next years after many years of dedicated work with hundreds of hours involved. Be aware without those guys being replaced (this April the Treasurer and Commodore) the quite complex organisation cannot continue to function. Therefore the board is happy for new volunteers (perhaps you) to share responsibility for our class.

At the secretaries Meeting in Riga this year in April in Riga, we will go through the lessons learnt from this event and come up with additional ideas for the future. If you have any suggestions how to develop the class, work of the board or race management please have those passed on to us latest  until the end of march. This is important and will give us the chance to put them on the meeting’s Agenda.

Good luck at the upcoming Championships (Swedish, Polish, North Americans, Baikal and all others too).

Be aware there at this Moment there are two  boat spots left in the Container for the “Open Russian Championship” the “Asia Cup” and “Baikal Cup”  at Lake Baikal from April 2nd until April 9th 2016. If interested in further Information regarding Baikal contact H-467 “Dideric(at)me.com” immediately!

Enjoy the winter as soon its back or already!